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A born-and-bred Londoner, the mountains have held a special place in my heart ever since childhood visits to my French Grandma, who lived in the Alps. It's been a lifelong dream to own an Alpine Ski Chalet, which I realised in 2019. In 2020 I've been working with a local architect to upgrade the chalet into a quality  home space where I can spend time with loved ones.

Now a Luxury Meribel chalet, I hope that many people will be able to enjoy Chalet Momo and that the world-famous Three Valleys might bring as much happiness to you as the area brings to me!

Yours, Martin (your host and renovator extraordinaire)



Delightful Dumplings​


While travelling in Asia my favourite street food was the humble dumpling. My first was the Chinese Jiaozi, and I discovered numerous other forms across Asia - from the Japanese Gyoza to the Nepalese Momo. 

In 2012 I developed a business plan to launch a restaurant specialising in momos. I never launched it, but I maintain a fond affection for momos and other forms of dumpling! 

Chalets Momo was a natural name choice for my first chalet: a subtle nod to the Himalayas, my favourite high altitude snack, and a realisation of the momo business at last! 



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